Ecological education and training

Paul is passionate about community education and is generous in passing on his ecological knowledge and insights in an engaging, interesting and thoughtful manner: be it the simplest concepts to a primary school audience or the latest innovative thinking to the most progressive groups of practitioners, policy makers or academics. Paul is just as experienced and comfortable in community halls, schools or lecture theatres, or just being out in the bush showcasing his ability to read and interpret landscapes.

Services include: guest and keynote speaker at community group meetings and special events; field days guiding groups through sites (both new and known to them) reading and interpreting the landscape; training workshops using activity-based learning to demonstrate and teach concepts, methods and techniques; facilitating workshops that actively engage group participants in developing local conservation plans, visions and strategies.

While Paul is able to confidently speak on a wide range of topics such as the ecology, taxonomy, evolution, biogeography, conservation management, restoration and biodiversity monitoring, his speciality interests include: native grasses, grassy ecosystems, box ironbark forests, rare and threatened ecological communities and species, vegetation history and mapping, and spatial information management for conservation.